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Is your instrument rating coming up for Renewal?

Having to undergo an Instrument Rating Test is never a pleasant experience, so if yours is due soon why don't you pay me a visit at SOUTHERN CROSS FLIGHT SIMULATOR SERVICES at  Airpark Goolwa South Australia (YGWA).



I can guarantee to provide a friendly professional service and will offer you the empathy gained from my own 50 years of IR renewals in the RAAF and a major International Airline - it never gets any easier ; however, I will endeavor to make the experience as painless as possible.

YGWA is situated 34nm South of Adelaide International Airport where an ILS, VOR and DME are available; however, the other instrument approaches that you may need are available in uncontrolled, uncongested airspace at Kingscote (YKSC) on Kangaroo Island which is only 20 min. flying time from YGWA. YKSC has GNSS RNAV approaches.


We are equipped with an ELITE AT11i CASA Certified Flight Training Device (Sim) with a latest state of the art 220 degree wrap around visual system which can be use to practice circuits and circling approaches. The simulator can be configured for most Single and Twin engine aircraft including a Beechcraft King Air or a single engine turboprop aircraft. 



The Instrument panel is a conventional ' six pack’ with a real (ie not simulated) G430 GPS and interactive ATC is provided. The instrument panel provides for NDB via fixed card or RMI and VOR via HSI or Omni Bearing Selector. GPS tracking is via the HSI. All except one approach of your Instrument Proficiency Check ( IPC ) can be completed in the Sim. and we have a Flight Examiner, Chris Jones, available on appointment to complete the airborne component either in your own aircraft or there are aircraft available to be hired in the area. As an alternative, after the successful completion of the Simulator component of your IPC, you can take the completed CASA forms to a Flight Examiner of your choice.


Landing Fees will be waived if you fly into YGWA and use the services of Southern Cross Flight Simulator Services.


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