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"I started with SCFSS as a VFR pilot. I did the VFR into IMC course, which was invaluable and gave me confidence that I would know what to do should I blunder into IMC. David's teaching style blends technical understanding with operational experience, and he's able to break complex topics into simple concepts. Recently I did a 20-hour multi-engine instrument rating with SFCSS and I have confidence that the time spent was very valuable. I'm looking forward to applying what I've learned in the simulator to the actual aeroplane.
I would not hesitate to recommend Southern Cross Simulator Services to anyone interested in learning more about flying, brushing up their instrument skills, or doing a renewal".

Michael Pullman



"Dave has transformed me from an undisciplined aerobatic pilot to a safe and competent IFR trainee. The IFR world is a daunting challenge for us amateurs and Dave’s wealth of experience has softened the learning curve with lessons adapted to my wobbly foundations and poor habits. He has an uncanny knack to find and fix flaws that only comes from years teaching a diverse range of students from fighter pilots to late-aged plodders. I will never fly professionally but sharing the experiences of the master helped me achieve my objectives to fly like one. If your airplane could ever enter IMC then Dave is the man to see!"

Prof David Campbell



"I attended sessions with Dave at Southern Cross Simulator Services because I wanted some additional coaching with my IFR flying. I had heard of Dave’s great reputation as an instructor from other pilots and was not disappointed. Dave’s coaching style is honest and exceptionally effective. Almost everything he says can be backed up with a real life event from his career which I believe makes things not only more interesting and enjoyable, but easier to remember. Dave has a passion for aviation and is a natural educator. It is a rarity to find someone with his expertise who is also so willing to impart knowledge onto others. I look at Dave not only as an instructor, but also as a mentor who has helped me during my early years as a pilot."

Justin Cole



"As a student undergoing instrument flight training, I found Captain Holbourn’s wealth of knowledge and experience gained from over fifty years of military and civilian airline flying invaluable. He is an enthusiastic instructor, highly approachable and was adaptable to my needs and learning style. Captain Holbourn’s lessons have been an asset to my experiences as a pilot and he comes with my highest recommendation."

Alex Mihal



‘I’ve been a student of Dave’s on several occasions, initially for my Multi Engine Instrument Rating and later on for my annual IPC renewals. Spending time with Dave is always a pleasurable learning experience and his instruction is both caring and efficient. Dave’s Elite Simulator is state of the art and   uses genuine GPS equipment that you’re likely to see in real world GA aircraft. His knowledge and experience are unmatched, you won’t find anyone better! Highly recommended and his prices are great. I’ll see you next year for my next IPC Dave.’

Ash Pullman



Dave generously shares the incredible  knowledge and experience he gained from his careers in the RAAF and airline industry. His approach to teaching ensures you understand the principles of IFR navigation helping to make the leap from abstract approach charts to precision flight. Dave's simulator is so realistic, you are convinced you are in the left hand seat for real! 

Richard Elkhoury 


I had previously held a PIFR when I went to Dave for my initial MEIR upgrade training. With a wealth of experience in the military and civilian flying, from large airlines to GA, Dave is an amazing instructor. He knows all the gotchas and is passionate about passing this information onto his students. His ability to explain concepts is extraordinary, you’ll be waiting for the complicated part to come but it never does! Backed by a very professional simulator setup, you’ll feel completely at ease. The only thing you’ll regret is not calling Dave earlier!

Ellen Franklin